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Why most compliance training fails—and how to fix it

We took the operational approach to training—from design to measurement—and distilled it down to a short, illustrated, easy-to-read book.

We walk through the problems with academic, top-down training and explain why business process-focused training is the solution.

And then we walk through why scheduled training is a check-the-box approach and show how to deliver training triggered by something an employee actually does.

And then we close the whole thing out by explaining why traditional metrics don't work—and how to use real metrics that result in a business case. (We even do the math!)

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10 ways thinking operationally will transform your compliance training

When you truly think operationally, it's transformative. Thinking about compliance training in terms of business operations changes a lot.

It's easiest to see how this works when you contrast the "operational" and "traditional" approach. So we put all of these into an infographic that contrasts the two.

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Compliance for Boards

Is your company’s compliance program designed to work? We made a short guide that gives directors the questions to ask their compliance officer—and the answers to listen for—to make it easy to figure that out.

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A Roadmap of the DOJ's Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs

Hey, remember when the Department of Justice released their Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs, and you were like “wow, I bet this would be useful if I had a million hours to figure out how to translate it into something we can use?”

Well, we’ve got you covered.

This roadmap is part of our toolkit that helps you implement the DOJ’s guidance—it organizes the DOJ’s questions into operational categories to make project planning a breeze. (You might even get some preview pages of the workbook from our toolkit, too!)

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Keep compliance simple

Stop worrying about "best practices." They don't matter.

Here's the only question that matters: does your stuff work?

Sign up to get this step-by-step guide that will get you refocused on what really matters to the government, your executives, and your employees: are your efforts driving results, and how can you show it?

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DOJ Metrics PowerPoint

Do you know how the DOJ will assess your compliance program? We do—and now, with this free PowerPoint, your board will too.

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The FCPA Pilot Program, Explained

The Department of Justice released a very long memo announcing their FCPA Pilot Program. We made it a lot easier to process.

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The Yates Memo, Simplified

The DOJ's 2015 memo on individual liability in corporate matters—explained with pictures.

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Stop supply-chain slavery

We teamed up with Spark Compliance Consulting on this piece covering the red flags of modern slavery in supply chains.

Prints on letter paper for easy distribution to your HR and procurement teams.

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