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How can you reduce risk and training time?

Broadcat’s Mini-modules!

Our customizable training modules do both. With 10 separate Mini-module topics to choose from, you can cover key risk areas in microbursts without sacrificing quality.

That’s because each module is designed to cover one topic in detail without getting too in the weeds. This short, slide-based system helps employees understand exactly how to reduce compliance risks on the job, and the brevity makes it stick.

Broadcat's Mini-modules fit your established workflow

Build custom training in seconds by piecing them together, incorporating them into our Annual Refresher Course, or using them solo in leader-led training, your LMS, or resource library.


Broadcat's Mini-modules cover a wide range of topics

  • Creating a speak-up culture: A guide for managers
  • Non-retaliation for managers: How to identify, avoid, and address retaliation
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion: What it is and why it matters
  • Careful virtual communications
  • How to handle conflicts of interest: A guide for managers 
  • Handling personal data 
  • Creating a welcoming and respectful place to work: How we treat each other, our customers, and our business partners
  • Harassment: What it is and how to respond
  • Fraud control
  • New employee orientation

Our Mini-modules are available now in Compliance Design Club and as a complete bundle for non-members. Interested in the bundle? Book a demo. ⬇️



Short and concise

Designed for shorter, focused training bursts, making it easy for employees to engage and retain what they learn.


Training costs

Employees can complete each module in approximately 2 minutes, saving the business money and time while being kind to your budget.



Concepts tie to the work employees do, so they're more likely to find it useful and implement what they learn.

Here’s how it works!


Not a Design Club member?

Schedule a demo! Connect with a member of our team to take a peek at these small-but-mighty microlearning tools.


Purchase & customize

Customize yourself or have a member of our design team brand them for you.


Confidently deploy

Equip your teams to mitigate your highest risks while respecting their time.