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Compliance Design Club brings your training & communications to life.

Our Clubhouse storefront has over 900 microlearning tools, including compliance infographicschecklistsdecision trees, modules and mini modules, videos, and awareness materials across dozens of risk areas.

Our approach is praised by compliance experts, investigators, consultants, former government officials, and employees from all over the world.

Here’s how it works!

How to get started

Schedule a
free consult

Connect with a member of our sales team to formulate a plan for your unique needs.

Kick off your membership

Meet with your dedicated customer success manager to strategize on a behavior-based training roadmap.

Use Compliance
Design Club tools

Brand 'em up with a few clicks, follow the roadmap, and see the results!


Our job aids make compliance easy for you and your employees.

Our science-based tools are centered around how people learn and retain information. That way, you're spending time reducing risk vs. chasing completion rates.

  • Easy to customizereflect your brand, culture, and policies
  • Quick to deploy—works both online and offline
  • Built to engagereplace long-form courses with microbursts

Read what the DOJ looks for in compliance training

Read our detailed interview with the Department of Justice’s former compliance expert on what prosecutors look for—and what to avoid.

We recommend expanding training into the "real world. " Managers can play an important role in connecting policies and values to daily habits. Move away from box-checking. Aim for excellence. (Source: Gallup)


“Simple solutions are better than complicated ones; a checklist that tackles a real-world business duty is more valuable than an elaborate interactive video course on an abstract concept.”

Headshot of Hui Chen.

Hui Chen,
U.S. Department of Justice’s Former Compliance Counsel Expert