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Broadcat sells simple, practical, and customizable materials that apply your risks to business process.

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Read our detailed interview with the Department of Justice’s former compliance expert on what prosecutors look for—and what companies should avoid.

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“Simple solutions are better than complicated ones; a checklist that tackles a real-world business duty is more valuable than an elaborate interactive video course on an abstract concept.”

Hui Chen
Hui Chen
U.S. Department of Justice’s Compliance Counsel Expert, 2015-2017

Exasperated with chasing compliance training trends?

  • It gets more and more expensive and complex.
  • It drains your budget and your time.
  • You’re not even sure if you’ll get credit for it.

Our practical materials make your life easier.

  • Customizable and easily branded
  • Quick to deploy—works both online and offline
  • Focuses on the business application that prosecutors look for
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Brianna Woodsby
Brianna Woodsby
Director of Compliance and International Trade, AFL
Claire Lawrence
Claire Lawrence
Senior Corporate Paralegal – Compliance/Privacy/Legal Operations, AFL

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