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Our history

2015: It all started with a blog and a borrowed laptop, when our founder quit his job as an attorney to transform classroom-style compliance training into checklists and decision trees that target the business processes where corporate crime actually occurs. Shortly after we signed our first customer, it became apparent that Broadcat's not just a cool idea, it's a movement!

Fast forward to today: Our team of experts has grown and obsessively refined Broadcat's core methodology, approach, and vision of practical, useful compliance.

Our Story - Our Approach

How we're different

At Broadcat, we take a behavioral approach to compliance communications and training. That means we try to work with how people actually are—busy, distracted, and overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks—not how we’d like them to be.

Everything’s designed to integrate into business processes, giving your people the information they need to do their jobs, right when they need it. This makes risk reduction a breeze, leaving you and your team free to focus on what matters most.

Millions agree: From scrappy startups to healthcare heroes and tech titans, our training tools are in the hands of over 2 million folks worldwide.

A person with a speech bubble containing a question mark speaking to a person with a speech bubble containing a checkmark.
A collage of Broadcat compliance training tools.

Our materials:

We design job aids, checklists, and other simple compliance training tools to help employees understand what they should do and when they should do it—clarifying how compliance and ethics applies to regular job duties like financial approvalshiring and firingmanaging vendorsclosing dealsand more.

If you’re into the academic side of compliance, you might call our job aids “precommitment devices” or “accountability debiasing tools” or, if you’re the Temple Law Review, a “behavioral compliance best practice.”

Or, if you don’t read studies all day, you could simply call them really awesome checklists and flowcharts that work in every corner of the globe. That’s what your employees will call them.

Our Story - Featured Image

Our mission:

to help people do the right thing

A person assisting someone climb a staircase.

Our values:

Our core values are set up as a spectrum of 4 contrasting pairs, and we try to live within the balance between each pair

A sparkly speech bubble containing an exclamation mark.

Honesty ⟷ Delight

We're forthright and precise in the words we use, but also interact with everyone with grace and tact—and often with exclamation points!
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Excellence ⟷ Nimbleness

We're always thinking ahead and striving for efficiency, but we’re also comfortable with some chaos and know how to restore order.
A pencil scribbling on a notebook.

Ownership ⟷ Boundaries

We're accountable for getting things done, fixing mistakes, and working as a team, but we also have fun, know when to say “no,” and take time for ourselves.
A cloud with a content facial expression hovering over an open code of conduct book.

Pragmatism ⟷ Positivity

We’re grounded by facts and what’s practical, but we keep our glasses half full and know that having a good attitude is everything.