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Broadcat's top jams of 2020

We're starting off 2021 the best way possible: full of awesome music! 🎶 That's right, it's time for Broadcat's top jams of 2020!

First, a couple of liner notes:

Liner note 1: These are the songs we (apparently) played the most in 2020. Several of us were *shocked* that these are the results—we liked other songs way more! But, you know, behavior versus intention. 🤔

Liner note 2: Lyrics may include some swears, so proceed with caution. We've marked those that are particularly egregious. 🙉

Liner note 3: Curious about our past musical taste? Go check out our top tunez in 2019!

Liner note 4: Listen to Spotify and want to get ridiculed for your taste in music? Check out this ridic AI bot. 😬

With all that said, here they are: our top plays for 2020! 🤘


Ricardo, Founder & CEO

Ricardo_Headshot_2020-editedRicardo's most-listened song of 2020: 82nd all the way | Sabaton

Runner-up: Tunak Tunak Tun | Bloodywood f/t Bonde do Metaleiro

Second runner-up: Rise of the Chaos Wizards | Gloryhammer

Ed. note: As you can tell by his selections, Ricardo is all about the lyrics!


Courtney, Director of Operations

broadcat-courtney (2018)Courtney's most-listened song of 2020: BANG! | AJR

Runner-up: Low | The Cleverlys

Second runner-up: William Tell Overture Finale | The Cory Band

Ed. note: Eclectic yet orchestral—you can tell Courtney has a history in music performance!


Aimee, Director of External Engagements

Aimee's most-listened song of 2020: Str8 Outta Mumbai | Jai Paul

Runner-up: The Big Big Beat | Azealia Banks (Caution: swears. Like ... a lot.)

Second runner-up: Money | Leikeli47 (Also some swears.)

Ed. note: Aimee apparently didn't realize that her music selections were so graphic. Unlike Ricardo, she's there for the beat.


Jaycee, Implementation Lead

jaycee-web-smallJaycee's most-listened song of 2020: Beelzebub | Beats Antique ft. Les Claypool

Runner-up: Who's Been Loving You? | Watsky

Second runner-up: Pints of Guinness Make You Strong | Against Me!

Ed. note: Jaycee's adorable little has taken over her mom's playlist, so we've scrubbed those from the list. But her #1 fave is The Hearse Song, by Harley Poe. Appropriately dark!


Taylor, Senior Account Executive

taylor-edwardsTaylor's most-listened song of 2020: Let it Go | Idina Menzel (Frozen, obvs)


Runner-up: Between Me and You | Brandon Flowers

Second runner-up: 1953 | The National Parks

Ed. note: In case we need to state the obvious, Taylor has multiple children, and sometimes (often!) they get to pick the music.


Ryan, Brand Manager

ryan-webRyan's most-listened song of 2020: No One | Alicia Keys

Runner-up: Needed Me | Rihanna (Rihanna's official video, but NSFW)

Second runner-up: Bad Guy | Billie Eilish

Ed. note: Super appropriate #1 song. Ryan delivers some amazing picks, yet again!


Rachel, Senior Designer

rachelRachel's most-listened song of 2020: Genesis | Daniela Andrade

Runner-up: Ai, Amor | ANAVITORIA

Second runner-up: Gallo Pinto | Daniela Andrade

Ed. note: Yet again, Rachel has quality, super chill picks. Serious vibe here.


Xinia, Senior Designer

broadcat-xiniaXinia's most-listened song of 2020: ABC chant | Lingokids

Runner-up: We're going on a bear hunt | Lingokids

Second runner-up: Graves Into Gardens | Elevation Worship ft. Brandon Lake

Ed. note: She may be back from maternity leave, but Xinia's little is clearly in charge of the listening at the Pirkey household!


Kristen, Junior Designer

kristen-web-smallKristen's most-listened song of 2020: Gringo | Parov Stelar

Runner-up: 99 | NateWantstoBattle

Second runner-up: Kosmopolit | Russkaja

Ed. note: Kristen is VERY cool and has super fun taste. We're all a little jealous.



Want them on a convenient Spotify playlist? You got it!