Aimee Blanchard

Director of External Engagements

Recovering lawyer with in-house, big firm, and law-clerk experience, internationally and in the States

As Director of External Engagements, Aimee is responsible for the strategy behind Broadcat's effort to change the conversation on compliance, including its marketing and external partnerships.

Aimee is a Jill-of-all-trades, combining a background of obsessively precise legal detail and sky's-the-limit business and marketing strategy. At Broadcat, she uses her powers for good: supercharging growth while maintaining Broadcat’s reputation for precision.

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Fun fact

Aimee is a former expat and avid traveler who has held an owl in Tokyo, been tattooed in Gothenburg, and once flew to Athens to buy a pair of sandals.

How'd she get here?

  • B.S. in Genetics from Texas A&M University
  • J.D. from Columbia Law School
  • Outside Counsel at Weil Gotshal (Associate litigator focusing on complex commercial litigation, Texas)
  • Senior Counsel at Image Nation Abu Dhabi (film studio, Emirates)
  • Director of Marketing Operations at Gibson Dunn (international law firm, Dallas)
  • then she became a Broadcat!

Street Cred

  • Judicial Law Clerk, Northern District of Texas (Judge A. Joe Fish)
  • Staff Attorney, Fifth District Court of Appeals—Dallas (Justice Mary Murphy)

Aimee is only one part of our incredibly talented team!

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