Our approach: meet employees where they are.

At Broadcat, we take a behavioral approach to compliance communications and training. That means we try to work with how people actually are—busy, distracted, and overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks—not how we’d like them to be.

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We craft job aids that let employees understand what to do at the right moment, making it clear how compliance and ethics applies to regular job duties like financial approvals, hiring and firing, managing vendors, closing deals, and more.

If you’re into the academic side of compliance, you might call our job aids “precommitment devices” or “accountability debiasing tools” or, if you’re the Temple Law Review, a “behavioral compliance best practice.”

Or, if you don’t read studies all day, you could simply call them really awesome checklists and flowcharts. That’s what your employees will call them.


Who we are

Our tools are made by a team that specializes in compliance design, from ex-in-house legal and compliance professionals to multidisciplinary designers who do nothing but think about compliance all day.


Alex Klingelberger

Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Alex is responsible for taking Broadcat’s innovative products and services to scale, serving an ever-widening audience.

A serial entrepreneur, Alex advised Broadcat before deciding to acquire the company and lead it himself. With extensive finance and business experience, Alex is perfectly positioned to lead Broadcat into the next phase of growth.

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Jennifer May

Director of Professional Services

As Director of Professional Services, Jennifer is responsible for connecting with and being a bridge between Broadcat’s clients and our internal production team, ensuring a smooth process from kickoff to delivery.

Jennifer has literally been in our client’s shoes having been a Design Club member of many years. Her varied experiences with building and supporting compliance programs adds an important perspective and she’s passionate about bringing the Be-Sci focus to compliance training and communications.

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Jaycee Dempsey

Jaycee Dempsey

Director of Customer Success

As an expert corporate compliance generalist, Jaycee is responsible for helping Broadcat customers successfully deploy Broadcat’s tools—and prove the compliance team’s value to the business.

With over a decade in higher education, government, and think-tank experience, Jaycee has been active in compliance and ethics in a variety of fields. She’s particularly passionate about behavioral ethics, graphic design, and new technology.

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Taylor Edwards

Taylor Edwards

Director of Sales

As the primary sales representative for Broadcat, Taylor's role is shouting from the rooftops about Broadcat’s mission, vision, and value.

Taylor has diverse experience at companies that transformed their respective industries. Whether it's being the first sales hire at a tech startup, working with HR teams, or hosting trainings for colleagues who want to improve skills, Taylor's a team player who understands the employee experience.

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Brianna Rice

Customer Success Manager

As the Customer Service Manager, Brianna works hand in hand with Members of Compliance Design Club to make sure they have the best experience possible.

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Ryan Rushing

Ryan Rushing

Brand Manager

With 13 years of graphic design, UX, and branding experience, Ryan ensures that every experience with Broadcat is absolutely delightful.

Whether it’s screenprinting in her studio, developing her stationery line, or developing the visuals for a political campaign that were described as “a master class in visual political communication,” Ryan’s design shows up outside of work—and assists with her understanding of businesses’ compliance challenges.

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Rachel Leite

Rachel Leite

Senior Designer

As a designer for Compliance Design Club and Broadcat for Champions, Rachel applies critical thinking to develop tools for corporate compliance teams.

Rachel has a variety of design experience, from web design and UX to branding and book layouts. She’s even worked as a photographer for family portraits—imagine the outtakes!

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Xinia Pirkey

Senior Designer

As a designer for Broadcat’s professional services line, Xinia takes the problems of compliance teams and transforms them into elegant solutions. She has particular expertise in breaking down complex subjects into easily understandable visual graphics.

With a passion for visual communication, Xinia also has a brain for business—she previously worked for Bank of America and received a Minor in Arts Entrepreneurship.

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Kristen Barnett

Kristen Barnett


As a designer, Kristen helps execute projects for Broadcat’s licensing products, professional services line, and sweet sweet marketing campaigns.

Whether working in customer service at an arts supply store or redesigning articles for an online publication magazine, Kristen is a graphic designer with the heart of an artist. She especially enjoys illustration, branding, and layout work.

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