Taylor Edwards

Senior Account Executive

Armchair economist who loves helping professionals improve how their organizations operate.

As the primary sales representative for Broadcat, Taylor's role is shouting from the rooftops about Broadcat’s mission, vision, and value.

Taylor has diverse experience at companies that transformed their respective industries. Whether it's being the first sales hire at a tech startup, collaborating closely with HR teams, or hosting trainings for colleagues who want to improve skills, Taylor's a team player who understands the employee experience.

  • Taylor with his family!
  • Taylor hiking
  • Taylor and his wife camping!

Fun fact

Taylor is a devoted husband and dad who previously lived in West Africa and contracted malaria several times (don't worry, it's not contagious!). In his free time, he's either backpacking in the wilds or daydreaming about a long day exploring the mountains.

How'd he get here?

  • B.S. in Economics from Brigham Young University
  • Consulting Team Lead at Bottom Line Training and Consulting, Inc.
  • Regional Sales Manager, Enterprise Account Executive at Dwelo (company's first full-time sales hire)
  • Senior Account Executive at Qualtrics
  • then he became a Broadcat!

Street Cred

  • Certified Master Reader and Tutor from Isakson Literacy
  • Employee Experience Expert Certification from Qualtrics
  • CoreXM Certification from Qualtrics

Taylor is only one part of our incredibly talented team!

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