Ryan Rushing

Brand Manager

Interdisciplinary designer and artist with compliance certification to boot

With 11 years of graphic design, branding, and user experience, Ryan ensures that every visual experience with Broadcat is absolutely delightful.

Whether it’s screenprinting in his studio, developing his stationery line, or developing the visuals for a political campaign that were described as “a master class in visual political communication,” Ryan’s design shows up outside of work—and assists with his understanding of businesses’ compliance challenges.

  • Ryan and his wife in Iceland
  • Ryan painting in his studio
  • Ryan drawing with crayons

Fun fact

Ryan was once an internet meme. His goal is to achieve this low-level notoriety again.

How'd he get here?

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design from Louisiana Tech
  • Design Strategist at Unit Interactive in Dallas
  • UX Designer at Kalkomey Enterprises in Dallas
  • Frontend Designer at Buzzshift in Dallas
  • then he became a Broadcat!

Street Cred

  • Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional (2018)
  • Adjunct instructor of experimental typography, Art Institute of Dallas
  • Head of Design for Sunset Art Studios (Dallas-based arts non-profit)
  • Co-host of the Art Funk podcast (2015-2018)

Ryan is only one part of our incredibly talented team!

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