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Jaycee Dempsey

Chief Delight Engineer

Behavioral-science and economics geek with fine-tuned compliance expertise


Role at Broadcat

As an expert corporate compliance generalist, Jaycee is responsible for helping Broadcat customers successfully deploy Broadcat’s tools—and prove the compliance team’s value to the business.

With over 15 years experience, Jaycee has been active in compliance and ethics in a variety of fields. She’s particularly passionate about behavioral ethics, graphic design, and new technology.


Fun fact

Jaycee is a huge Zelda fan and craft-beer enthusiast. When she’s not surviving an 8.0 earthquake while sleeping in a treehouse in the Amazonian jungle (seriously), she can be found playing skee ball or at a live music venue.

  • Jaycee's Broadcat Journey

  • B.A. in Economics from West Virginia University
  • MBA with a concentration in Managing Innovation from Virginia Commonwealth University
  • Biotechnology & Trade Policy Programs Coordinator at U.S. Grains Council (Washington, D.C.)
  • Program Manager, Ethics Education & Disclosures at Virginia Commonwealth University (Virginia)
  • and then she became a Broadcat!

Street cred

  • Leadership Professional in Ethics and Compliance
  • Corporate Compliance & Ethics Professional (2012)
  • College Business Management Institute Certificate, University of Kentucky
  • Published in 18th International Product Development Management Conference, European Institute for Advanced Studies in Management and the International Journal of Innovation

Jaycee is only one part of our incredibly talented team!