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[Blog header] Broadcat's top jams of 2021
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Broadcat's top jams of 2021

You know it, you love it. It's time for Broadcat's top jams!

Liner notes for this 2021 edition:

Liner note 1: We trust that Spotify and our other listening apps aren't lying to us and these are *truly* the songs we played the most in 2021. Some don't seem right, but ... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Liner note 2: Some songs may include swears and some videos may be NSFW. Consider yourself warned.

Liner note 3: Wanna know what we listened to before? Check out our top tunez from 2019 and 2020!

Without further ado, here they are: our top plays for 2021! 🤘


Alex, CEO


Alex's most-listened song of 2021: In the Blood | John Mayer

Runner-up: Hope Is a Heartache | LÉON

Second runner-up: Wolves | Maggie Rogers

Ed. note: Broadcat's newest addition has some rad picks—we knew he was gonna fit in!!


Ricardo, Founder

Ricardo_Headshot_2020-editedRicardo's most-listened song of 2021: Psychosocial | Slipknot

Runner-up: The Attack of the Dead Men | Sabaton

Second runner-up: Lola Montez | Volbeat

Ed. note: Ricardo always thought Slipknot was gimmicky and so never listened to them. He decided to revisit that after they were part of a fairly elaborate joke in Rutherford Falls—and that's how he learned he's aged into groove metal (Pantera was in his top ten plays, too).


Aimee, Director of External Engagements

Aimee's most-listened song of 2021: Move Your Feet | Junior Senior

Runner-up: Ooh LA LA (feat. Greg Nice and DJ Premier) | Greg Nice, DJ Premier, Run the Jewels

Second runner-up: Mine | Slayyyter

Ed. note: Fun fact: Aimee's #1 pick was featured on the soundtrack of the movie "White Chicks." Timely.


Jaycee, Implementation Lead


Jaycee's most-listened song of 2021: Bad Guy | Billie Eilish

Runner-up: In Hell, I'll Be in Good Company | The Dead South

Second runner-up: Hell and You | Amigo the Devil

Ed. note: We see a theme! 😈 And Jaycee's giving you a late Christmas gift: this this old tune from a garage band in high school that she probably played more than her #1 (she found the CD in her car and it brings back rad memories of carting the band around to gigs and hanging out in a dingy basement during practice #nostalgia).


Taylor, Senior Account Executive


Taylor's most-listened song of 2021: Caution | The Killers

Runner-up: Rocket to the Moon | Netflix's "Over the Moon"

Second runner-up: Cleopatra | The Lumineers

Ed. note: Taylor is still trying to convince us that his runner up was "for the kids."


Ryan, Brand Manager


Ryan's most-listened song of 2021: I Need You | Jon Batiste

Runner-up: Freedom | Jon Batiste

Second runner-up: Kick It to Me | Sammy Rae & The Friends

Ed. note: Everyone needs a little Jon Batiste in their life!


Rachel, Senior Designer


Rachel's most-listened song of 2021: Não Encontro Quem Me Queira | Mart'nália

Runner-up: Yesterday's Love | Aura

Second runner-up: Kick It to Me | Sammy Rae & The Friends

Ed. note: Rachel didn't coordinate her #3 with Ryan, she promises!


Xinia, Senior Designer


Xinia's most-listened song of 2021: Something Just Like This | The Chainsmokers & Coldplay

Runner-up: Tus Ojos | Belanova, Coti

Second runner-up: 1234 | Feist

Ed. note: Xinia's Feist pick is actually courtesy of her toddler—who has excellent music taste!


Mehul, Sales Development Representative


Mehul's most-listened song of 2021: Industry Baby | Lil Nas X

Runner-up: Ramen and OJ | Joyner Lucas & Lil Baby

Second runner-up: Betrayal ft. Drake | Trippie Redd ft. Drake

Ed. note: We love that Mehul has a very food-centric playlist! In addition to ramen and OJ, we've got Texas Toast and Raising Cane's in the lyrics for "Betrayal." Is anyone else hungry?


Kristen, Designer


Kristen's most-listened song of 2021: Six Feet | Patent Pending

Runner-up: The Last Shanty | Derina Harvey Band

Second runner-up: Siren's Song | Brave the Sea

Ed. note: Rock and sea shanties were the vibe this year!



Want them on a convenient Spotify playlist? You got it!