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We’ve Waited All Year for This

Happy almost New Year, Team Broadcat! To celebrate the end of 2022, we’re taking a look back at some of our greatest hits from the last year, starting with…


Our Top Three Most Popular Blog Posts of 2022 

1. Bad Bunny and the Red Pill

11-14-22 - Bad Bunny and the Red Pill (blog featured image)

You clearly love it when we go meta, because Alex took us on a trip into the dataverse with this one. After seeing a mysterious ad pop up DURING A WORK THING, Alex decided to investigate. 🔎

Didn’t read the post? Catch up here!

2. Compliance and Sales: Two Sides of the Same Coin


Ah, sales. The bane of every compliance pro’s existence. We’re here to COMPLY, not to SELL, right?! No wonder this post made it to the top of the charts. We could all use a little help when it comes to selling compliance to our company leadership, so thank goodness we have Jennifer to show us how it’s done.

Always. Be. Complying.

If you’re a compliance pro, read it!

3. Transform Your Compliance Culture with Ethics Ambassadors

Transform Your Compliance Culture with Ethics Ambassadors

Look at Jennifer, comin’ in hot with ANOTHER post in the top three! 🔥 Ethics Ambassadors are like a really good MC. They get people to join the (compliance) party even if nobody's feeling it at first. Here’s how to make it happen at your company. 

Start the transformation here.

And speaking of transformation, Broadcat always has your best compliance self in mind, which is why… 


We Launched Four New Initiatives 

1. Ethics Ambassadors


Sound familiar? Scroll up to see how Ethics Ambassadors can turn your compliance program from drab to fab! 

2. Consumer Privacy


No need to take the red pill, because Alex did it for you! And the result is a collection of new privacy content to help you handle all those acronyms.

3. Healthcare Privacy

Healthcare pieces collage

Speaking of acronyms, if we had to read “HIPPA” one more time, we were going to lose our minds. 🤯 So, we created our healthcare privacy tools  to fix that… and everything else that needs to be improved at the intersection of healthcare and compliance.

4. Broadcat Compliance Advisory

You know how at IKEA you can totally build everything yourself, but sometimes you just don’t want to, so you hire a pro to do it for you? Our Compliance Advisory is kinda like that.

Does Broadcat empower you to build your compliance programs yourself? YES! Is that always the best use of your time? Maybe not! If you need some extra support, we’re here to help

Don't sweat it. We got your back!

Notice a consecutive numbers thing starting to happen? Us too! Let’s close out this list with…  


Broadcat’s Top Five New Hires of 2022

Just kidding, there are six new hires! We love them all. 😊 Here are the newest members of our team:

  • Alex Klingelberger is our CEO, and his first encounter with compliance was compliance as punishment. Now, his goal is to make sure no one else has to live through that nightmare like he did. 
  • As a former Chief Compliance Officer—and the Director of Broadcat Compliance Advisory—Jennifer May has seen it all when it comes to compliance. The (juris) doctor is in, and she’s here to help!
  • Kitty Holt—our Director of Operations—worked in the same non-profit organization for THREE DECADES before joining Broadcat. We've been a long-time fan of hers, and we're very glad she joined us!
  • Brianna Rice is our Customer Success Manager, and she's fully equipped with 200+ hours of intense yoga study and a Master of Compliance and Ethics to keep you mindfully focused on your compliance training goals!
  • Broadcat’s newest Graphic Designer, Joey Myers, is SO GOOD at design that his LinkedIn profile picture is an illustration he did of himself. Talk about a flex.
  • Jake Kaufman is a sports fan—KU, to be exact. So things can get tense when he’s in a room with rival fans… or, at least, as tense as you can expect from an Account Executive. (Read: Not at all.)

Hoping to make the list next year? Well, you’re in luck! We’re always looking. 👀

Happy New Year, Team Broadcat, and we’ll see you in 2023! 🥂




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