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Compliance in Seventeen Syllables

Being a compliance pro can bring out all the feels. One day, you’re on top of the world because your Board gave you a shout-out at the last quarterly meeting for improving speak-up metrics.🌟

The next, you’re sending out job applications to run skee-ball at any Chuck E. Cheese within a 50-mile radius because you’re so over people ignoring your training reminders. 🐭 

It’s the kind of emotional roller coaster that inspires the world’s greatest poetry ➡️ And that’s exactly why we’re sharing some compliance poems of our own for International Haiku Poetry Day!

giphy-Apr-10-2023-05-45-20-0252-PMSource: Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

We hope you enjoy our team’s creativity, and we also hope that some of these Design Clubhouse suggestions will make your compliance job a haiku lot easier. 

When your employees start to show more interest in compliance. 😺

I'm told I have to,
But I don't understand why.
I need to know why.
- Kitty
(Check out Why should I care about compliance?


When you’re fed up with people stealing your lunch. 🥪

Compliance is nice.
Good behavior is better.
How can we do both?
- Jennifer
(Give our How we treat each other around the office job aid a go.) 


When you have to follow up again. 📑

Hi, it's Compliance,
Seeking your attestation.
We'll try tomorrow.
- Alex
(Watch for our Overdue training reminders, coming in May!)


When you need some ethics ambassadors to help.🆘

Board report is due.
Many fires to put out.
Better call Broadcat.
- Brianna
(Miss our Ethics Ambassadors webinar? Click here for the recording!)


When you're trying to do more with less. 😰

Compliance is key.
Ethics and integrity!
What's legal and free?
- Jaycee
(Join Compliance Design Club and get free stuff every quarter!)


When you just want to phone it in, so you ask AI to do it for you.*

Following the rules,
Compliance brings order and peace,
Integrity shines.
- ChatGPT
(Maybe skip the AI and give Broadcat’s Compliance Advisory a call instead.)
*Notice that 8-syllable middle line. Try again, ChatGPT!


When you’re inspired to write your own poetry.

Got your own haiku?
Share it with us on LinkedIn.
We’d love to read it!