On a mission, in the trenches.

Compliance and ethics professionals are on the front lines of making the world a better place—and we’re right there with them.

We’re obsessed with making training that works: training that's easy to use, practical, and has obvious, measurable return on investment.

We leverage law, psychology, and design to help compliance and ethics teams draft their employees into their mission of safeguarding company culture. We help them make it easy for employees to comply, and tough for bad guys to hide.

A table at Broadcat, with markers, Pantone chairs, and proprietary strips of paper.

Our Team

Ricardo Pellafone, Founder and Creative Director at Broadcat.

Founder/Creative Director

Ricardo Pellafone

Ricardo used to be in-house compliance, leading investigations for a sovereign wealth company in Abu Dhabi and a Fortune 500 tech company in California. He has degrees in psychology and law.


Compliance Lead

Courtney Sander

Courtney is a Certified Compliance & Ethics Professional and holds a master's degree in Applied & Professional Ethics. She was an in-house E&C manager at a World's Most Ethical Company Honoree and a FTSE 100 company.

Ryan Rushing, the Design Lead for Broadcat.

Design Lead

Ryan Rushing

Ryan is an interdisciplinary designer and front-end developer with experience in branding, digital marketing, and instructional design. He's also the co-host of the Art Funk podcast.

Rachel Leite, Designer at Broadcat.


Rachel Leite

Rachel is always ready to learn something new. She's fluent in Adobe and Portuguese, and now she's in the trenches with us, taking on compliance. She also loves traveling, reading, and swing dancing.

Xinia Pirkey


Xinia Pirkey

Since a young age, Xinia's passion has been visual communication. When she is not designing, you can find her bowling with her husband, crafting, or pinning her next Pinterest project.