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A 2023 calendar surrounded by fireworks.
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Broadcat’s 2023 in review!

The year is almost over, Team Broadcat, and you know what that means: every company everywhere is coming up with the “best of” lists: best places to go on vacation. Best new restaurants in your state. Best celebrity hairdos. We’re slightly biased, but we believe our “best of” list is … the best. So, without further ado (drumroll, please 🥁), here’s Broadcat’s “best of” for 2023! 


Michelle Obama opening an envelope saying, "And the Oscar goes to..."

Broadcat for Best Mascot in a Leading Role! 😸| Source: Oscars via

Broadcat’s most popular products! 

We couldn’t pick just one, so we’re giving you a breakdown by category, starting with …

Awareness materials: Give wisely this holiday season

Clearly all of you were feeling some end-of-year pressure because this one pulled ahead in the final minute! Kudos for sticking to your ethics during the holidays by showing your teams EXACTLY what kind of giving is allowed. 🎁

Job aids: Why should I care about compliance?

Who’s going to advocate for yourself better than you, amiright? From keeping everyone safe to maintaining company values, three cheers for informing your org on exactly why your work is important. Hip-hip-hooray! 🌟

Leader-led toolkits: Email/Talking points that pair with Helpline Flowchart

The helpline can be a confusing place—not just for reporters, but for the folks at the top who need to encourage the reports. We’re proud of you for empowering your managers and other leaders with the info they need to make it a bit less intimidating to speak up. 📣

Modules: It’s a tie! 

What to do when an employee raises a concern 

Good for you for taking a holistic approach to cultivating a speak-up culture! It’s not just about your entry-level employees: Managers need some speak-up support, too, and this module guides them through the delicate task of handling a sensitive situation. 🌻 

Ethics Ambassador Onboarding

Sounds like “work smarter, not harder” was your New Year’s resolution because this module is all about leveraging your greatest resource—your people—to foster a culture of compliance. (Even better? Your ambassadors don’t have to sit through an hours-long training, either.) 💪

Mini-modules: How to manage conflicts of interest

We're stoked that so many of your people have industry-related interests! By showing your teams that interests are A-OK (but not reporting them isn't), everyone gets participation trophies.🏆

Templates & Toolkits: Training Effectiveness Tracker

Ummm… did we mention something about advocacy before?? There’s standing up for your role, and then there’s standing up for your role WITH STATS. And with this template, it’s easy to find the deets that actually matter. Keep it up! 📈  

PS: This one’s on us! Zero tokens.  😼

Videos: How to speak up when you're a bystander

This one warms our hearts! Being a bystander can be difficult, so we commend you on empowering your folks to speak up, even though they might not be directly impacted. Here’s to upholding the value that really matters: respect.  💜

Next up: 2023’s top three blog posts!

#1: All About Broadcat’s Video Library Subscription!


Considering that this blog was posted in November, we’re super impressed that it’s the No. 1 blog of the year! That tells us that you, dear reader, are looking for something more than your 30-minute-long, let’s-just-click-next-and-get-through-this training. And that’s exactly what our video subscription gives you! 🥳Check it out here


#2: How NOT to Get Swindled by Gift Card Scams (Like I Almost Did).


In this blog post, our designer, Kristen, got real and shared how she ALMOST got scammed by some creep with nothing better to do than to try to swindle nice people out of their money. Kristen shares her story to help prevent you—and your people—from making the same mistakes. ⚠️

Need to remind your employees about cybersecurity? We can help you do that! 


#3: If your helpline isn't effective, neither is your program.


Quite a statement, isn’t it? Not only did y’all love this blog post from Jaycee, you also downloaded the complimentary helpline testing toolkit to put this guidance into action! (Pro tip: It’s still there!). 🧰 

If you want to know even more about testing your hotline, check out the recording from our free webinar here


Thanks for hanging out with us this year, Team Broadcat! A Happy New Year to all and we’ll see you in 2024!

If you’re wondering, my most-played song of 2023 was Gratitude by Brandon Lake.

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