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[Blog header] The many faces of Broadcat
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The many faces of Broadcat

Our beloved mascot, Broadcat, didn’t start out as the wonderful version we see today.

In fact, Broadcat used to be this blob thing: 


Broadcat was the first contestant on Extreme Makeover: Mascot Edition.

What most people don’t know, however, is that Broadcat continues to evolve, and to this day, has a whole collection of alter egos. Much like Sasha Fierce or Fledge Mulholland, they make an appearance when the situation calls for a little bit of something, shall we say, interesting. 



The OG Broadcat, the one you know and love.


Likes: Checklists, behavioral science, and Hui Chen

Dislikes: Bad design (behavioral and graphic), ineffective compliance training, and fake stats

Known for: Making compliance easy for you and everyone at your org.


Brad Cat

Brad Cat is the villain in every '80s movie you’ve ever watched.

Brad Cat

Likes: Red sports cars, people named Heather, Reaganomics

Dislikes: Nerds, ripped jeans, Rad Cat

Known for: Being Billy Zabka. 🥋


Bad Cat

Bad Cat is what would happen if Ricardo magically turned into our mascot.
(Notice the mohawk.)

Bad Cat

Likes: Random YouTube videos, Muppet Babies, and cool explosions where no one gets hurt

Dislikes: Collared shirts, posers, and unruly airline passengers

Known for: Listening to goblin folklore metal bands. 👹


Ra Cat

Every day is a bones day for Ra Cat, who will always encourage you to follow your dreams.

Ra cat

Likes: Team spirit, Bring It On, motivational Instagram accounts

Dislikes: Away games, online trolls, People who think cheerleading isn’t a sport

Known for: Organizing the best bake sales. 🍪


Road Cat

It’s very possible Taylor was the visual inspiration for Road Cat.

Road Cat

Likes: Yacht rock, pants that unzip at the knee to become shorts, national parks

Dislikes: Traffic, bathroom breaks, “Are we there yet?”

Known for: Busting out the Rand McNally Road Atlas during family gatherings. 🗺️


Bro Cat

Bro cat can be found at the gym, strategically alternating his HIIT and lifting days.

Bro Cat

Likes: Protein powder, bro science, MMA

Dislikes: Rest days, rom coms, and Zumba

Known for: Never skipping leg day. 🏋️


Boa Cat

Boa Cat is Miss Piggy, if Miss Piggy were a Broadcat.

Boa cat

Likes: Liberace, beauty marks, frogs

Dislikes: Hipsters, not dressing up when leaving the house, bacon

Known for: Remixing old Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers routines on TikTok. 💃


Rad Cat

Unlike Brad Cat, Rad Cat is fan of almost everyone.

Rad Cat

Likes: Gleaming the Cube (IYKYK), The X-Games, Tony Hawk’s Twitter account

Dislikes: The Man, skateboard deterrents (you know the ones) and (dare we say it?) compliance for the sake of compliance.

Known for: Finally making an appearance at the Olympics. 🛹


Ad Cat

Like the world’s most invasive personal assistant, Ad Cat knows what you want before you do.

Ad Cat

Likes: Mad Men, predictive technology, the Super Bowl

Dislikes: CCPA, GDPR, premium subscriptions

Known for: Popping up in your scroll whenever you mention “compliance” within earshot of Alexa. 📡



Broadcat can be a lot of things, but no matter which alter ego Broadcat takes on, we hope it motivates you to be your best and most compliant self!