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Only Podcats in the Building: An Operationalizing Compliance Podcast

Recently, a few of our Broadcats (or, should we say, Podcats?) stepped up to the mic to speak with Tom Fox of the Compliance Podcast Network about how companies can operationalize their compliance programs. We covered A LOT of ground, y’all. 🤠 

But before we dive into this 5 episode series, we need to get an important detail out of the way. Here's what operationalizing compliance actually means ⤵️

Translating your compliance training into your employees’ day-to-day activities.

(Obvi, the sparkles are our own interpretation.)

OK, are we all on the same page? Cool! Let’s get started.

Episode 1: Effectiveness Starring Jennifer May

Effectiveness is not measured by the percentage of employees who have completed whatever training modules they’re asked to do. It’s measured by outcomes. What’s the difference? Listen up! 🎧

Episode 2: Design Starring Xinia Pirkey and Jennifer May

We love this part! We are a compliance design company, after all. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at how our team leverages phenomenal designs to interpret compliance best practices. 🌟

Episode 3: Operationalization Starring Jaycee Dempsey

There’s that vocab word again! After setting the stage with episodes one and two, Jaycee talks about how to put the principles of effectiveness and design into practice by engaging employees. 🚀

Episode 4: Effectiveness Redux Starring Alex Klingelberger

In our first episode, Jennifer talked about measuring effectiveness. Now, Alex digs into how to use program metrics to drive your communications and training. This one’s for all you data nerds out there! 🧮 

Episode 5: Overwhelmed Yet? Starring Taylor Edwards

News flash: You are never going to have a perfect compliance program. Big talk coming from a company that literally exists to improve compliance programs, right?

But, as Taylor points out, “If you did have a perfect program, in a week, it would no longer be perfect.” Rules change. The economy fluctuates. People come and go. So, how do you combat being overwhelmed? Listen to learn more. 🔊

That’s a wrap! We are sending a big THANK YOU to Tom Fox for hosting us over this 5-episode series, and to every member of Team Broadcat (yes, that includes you!) for being as psyched about compliance as we are.

Cheers to operationalization! 🥳

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