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Broadcat playing Bingo.
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It’s "Awkward Compliance Moments" Bingo!

Did you know there is an actual day called “National Awkward Moments Day?” Well, neither did we! 

Andy Bernard shuffling from side to side muttering, "Awkward."
Source: The Office

As compliance professionals, we’ve all had our fair share of awkward moments! In fact, there are so many that you could probably make a bingo card out of them. 

So we did! (Actually, two!)

Broadcat with two bingo sheets.

Download them both and mark each square that includes something you've experienced. If you get five in a row, you’ve got Bingo! 

Here’s a sneak peek of a few awkward moments (hat tip to our customers and fans for providing some of these!):

  • The solution to every issue is to write a policy or create an e-learning module

  • Someone insists “your system” must not be capturing their training completion

  • Someone bypasses third-party due diligence because “we trust them”

  • Live training is interpreted as “reading the policy to the audience”

  • A manager proudly displays an expensive gift from a vendor in their office

Check out the rest!

"'ve fallen for our phishing campaign AGAIN...and you're the CEO..." is written above the Awkward Look Monkey Puppet.

Got Bingo? Hey, awkward moments happen. If you are faced with these kinds of situations occasionally (we’ve all been there!), remember that YOU are being paid to develop an effective compliance program. And that means you “shall be given adequate resources, appropriate authority, and direct access to the governing authority or an appropriate subgroup of the governing authority.” 

Michelle Obama nodding and saying, "That's right."DOJ says so! | Source: Parks and Recreation

Notice anything these situations have in common?

Nearly all of them could be eliminated by having your senior leadership team and Board of Directors agree on making an effective compliance program a priority.

Not sure where to start?

Broadcat has many other tools to help reduce the number of awkward compliance moments including our free Compliance for Boards guide, our e-book, and Compliance Advisory when you need some expert guidance. This is what we do, and we're the best at it. 

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