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A laptop with a Broadcat Blog on the screen. The laptop is surrounded by several accessories of Broadcat.

“How-To” Greatest Hits Featuring Broadcat

If you’ve spent some time on our blog, you probably noticed that we’ve written a lot of how-to posts over the years.

giphy-Apr-19-2023-06-57-05-4861-PMNo, not that kind of how-to. | Source: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

We also like to have some fun. Peep our top jams, compliance bingo cards, and the many faces of Broadcat. 👀

So, in the spirit of having fun and showing you how it’s done, here are some of our favorite how-to posts, presented by your favorite Broadcat.


This is the OG Broadcat, so if this version speaks to you (and it should, you're a compliance pro after all!), here are the how-to guides to help you deal with all your high-level capital-C compliance opportunities. 🏅

Brad CatBrad Cat

Brad Cat is the quintessential 80s movie villain who likes red sports cars and obsesses over finding juuuust the right business card. So, of course, Brad Cat’s favorite how-tos are all about that office life, like managers, money, and being cool with the DOJ. 🖇️

Bad CatBad Cat

Inspired by our founder, Ricardo! This Bad Cat likes random YouTube videos, goblin folklore metal bands, and cool explosions where no one gets hurt. Recommended how-to guides include anything involving gifs. 👹

Ra catRa Cat

Ra Cat is compliance’s biggest cheerleader who’s all about team spirit and positive affirmations! It’s no wonder Ra Cat’s favorite how-tos include communicating all the great stuff about compliance. 📣

Road CatRoad Cat

Road Cat is the original road trip Dad who likes yacht rock, pants that unzip at the knee to become shorts, and national parks. Always prepared for anything, Road Cat’s favorite how-tos give us tips on choosing the right tools for the job. 🗺️

Bro CatBro Cat

Found at the gym six out of seven days a week (#NeverSkipLegDay), Bro Cat tracks PRs and monitors macros, so you know Bro Cat’s favorite how-to guides are all about the stats. 📊

 Boa catBoa Cat

The most glamorous of all the Broadcats, Boa Cat knows how to zhuzh up any compliance comms with a well-placed image or catchy header. If you love Boa Cat, these how-tos are your go-tos. ✨

Rad CatRad Cat

Rad Cat is a rebel with a heart of gold. So, Rad Cat’s favorite how-tos will help you take all those traditional, boring compliance paradigms and flip them like Tony Hawk flips a skateboard. 🛹