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Video: Has an employee come to you with a concern? [July 2022 Gift]

You've done it! You’ve created a brilliant speak up campaign that’s completely transformed your company culture from “silent as the grave” to “spilling the beans all day every day.”


Now your teams are gathering in droves to speak up like it’s New Year’s Eve in Times Square, but are your managers prepared to handle the inflow?!

If you’ve downloaded July’s gift to Design Club members, then have no worries, you’ll be totally fine!


Broadcat’s “Has an employee come to you with a concern?” Video!

This short, targeted training (only 1:37, woohoo!) talks managers through how to handle the conversation when employees come to them with concerns.

This sleek video covers three main elements:

1. Making employees feel heard 💗

The goal is to build confidence! By sending signals that your employees feel heard, they’ll feel more comfortable about providing accurate, detailed reports. It’s a win-win!

2. Uncovering facts 🔎

Your managers will have clear guidance on what questions are ok to ask, what comments are ok to make, and what’s absolutely off limits.

3. Level-setting so everyone knows what to expect 📊

If everything can be resolved after one meeting, great! But that’s probably not going to happen, and that’s ok! The video explains how to set those expectations in a meaningful and constructive way.

Is this video not quite what you had in mind? If you’ve composed a symphony that you’d like us to substitute for the background music or have some footage of you doing a backflip off a waterfall that you’d like for the intro, simply select the “customize this video” box before selecting “add to cart.” For five tokens, you’ll get to live out your Oscar-winning directorial dreams!   

🌟 Bonus time! 🌟

A/V not your cup of tea? Check out our companion piece, “Has an employee come to you with a concern” infographic, which is 100% analog. And if you feel like you need to help your managers lay a liiiiiitle more groundwork for a speak-up culture, snag our “Creating a speak-up culture” job aid. Tell your managers to clear their calendars because their teams are gonna want to chat with them about EVERYTHING. 

Two ways to get it!

For free: Already a Compliance Design Club Member in August 2022? Go check your account; it’s already there! (And if you join before August 2022, we’ll send it to you directly FOR FREE!)

For 12 tokens: Is it after August 1st and you’re still not a Member? First, get on that! Get started here. Second, all is not lost: you can still grab it for 12 tokens. Yup, you'll have a crystal-clear way to keep your board members happy and STILL have plenty of tokens to spare!