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Reviewing Job Aid
1 minute read

Reviewing tools for substantive changes

Keeping things simple can be tricky! But don't worry: we’ve put together this guide to help you think about tailoring Broadcat materials to your business processes and policies.

Preparing to review

The timing of review depends on the complexities of your policies and procedures as well as who’s involved.

Here are some guidelines to help you budget your time to start—as you develop a rhythm, adjust depending on what makes sense for you:

  • For job aids and other tools that focus on areas fully owned by your team, budget 30-90 minutes of review time.
  • For job aids and other tools that require input from other teams, budget a few weeks for the other team leaders to provide their changes.

Handle one thing at a time

There are a lot of moving parts to consider when figuring out how to tailor your tools. Follow this approach to keep it simple.

✅ Focus on these things:

  • What your intended audience needs to know
  • The specific behavior you want to occur
  • Tailoring the language to your company, policies, and risks

🚫 Don't focus on these things:

  • What a compliance professional or lawyer needs to know
  • General information that does not tie to a call-to-action
  • Fine-tuning the layout or design (nail down the message first, then tackle design)

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