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Lesson Five: Discussion-based Training FTW 👩‍💼👨‍💼

If the compliance message is going to be part of how you do business, it needs to be discussed by managers. You know, those people who have the day-to-day responsibility of setting expectations and holding your employees accountable.

But ... creating high-impact messages that are useful, relevant, and packaged for easy distribution to your managers is time consuming.

Don't be sad—we have great news! We've done the hard work for you with manager toolkits—which make it easy for them to get the job done while driving consistency for you.


Our talking points are tied to specific job aids, and they're broken up into three sections: (1) what the job aid is, (2) why it matters, and (3) what the job aid is helping your employees do.

Log in and check out this example for our job aid on spotting red flags while approving invoices.

This way, your managers will know exactly what to say when they walk their teams through your latest compliance tool!


Our fancy email templates are designed to make it easy for you. Each includes (1) a short intro that explains why it matters, (2) preview graphic of the job aid, (3) a request to discuss the topic and job aid with their team, (4) mention of the attached talking points, and (5) how to share the info if meetings are tough to schedule right now.

Log in and check out the related email for the job aid on approving invoices.


This is life changing! How do I get these??? Just add 'em to your cart from the description page. If talking points or emails exist for a job aid, you'll see this glorious "Make it a toolkit!" dropdown menu:

Manager toolkit dropdown in Clubhouse


Pro tip: These templates are super versatile. Some members send manager toolkits to their ethics ambassadors to lead discussion-based training in their areas. Others use the talking points for newsletter articles or for their own in-person training, and the list goes on. We can talk about what makes the most sense for you on your next strategy call!


If you wanna take a deeper dive, read our blog post on why discussion-based/manager-led training is crucial to your compliance outcomes.