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Workbook: Implementing the DOJ's Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs


Everyone’s talking about the DOJ’s Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs—but it’s mostly just talk. Because how the heck are you supposed to work through dozens and dozens of questions originally written for prosecutors?

With our super-simple toolkit, of course!

Our toolkit:

  • Sorts the DOJ’s questions into operational categories in a question-by-question workbook—so you can focus on actually answering them, not figuring out how to answer them
  • Presents the questions as a roadmap that will satisfy even the most inquisitive board member
  • Will make you look like an absolute boss to your board with a simple, visual slide deck

We’re giving away a functional preview of the workbook—it’ll let you tackle the first big operational bucket, totally free of charge.

Download it for free!

Broadcat Compliance Advisory - How to get started

Is this freebie not for you? 

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