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Here are just a few examples of the magical pieces you’ll be able to buy with your tokens as a Member of Compliance Design Club.


Found USBs = found gum

2 tokens

It works because it’s gross. Which is exactly what you want: you want your employees thinking that putting a found USB in their machine is just as disgusting and unsanitary as gum they found on the ground.


Going on a business trip? (Overseas travel checklist)

8 tokens

Our most famous piece ever, this checklist weaves together a multitude of risks into one simple task: going on an overseas business trip. It feels simple for employees but is so groundbreakingly sophisticated that it was featured in an academic article in the Temple Law Review.


Travel & expense red flags checklist

8 tokens

After someone returns from travel or entertaining a client, they’re definitely submitting a report for their expenses. So why make it hard for your finance team to review the expense report for shady dealings? Stop fraud and corruption risks in their tracks with this thorough checklist.


Before you approve that invoice, did you check for red flags?

8 tokens

Most serious compliance issues involve money. Not all, but most. And the people who are in charge of approving payments, both on the business and the finance side of things, are never told what they should be looking for. Make it easy for your business managers to spot red flags in invoices by showing them what they actually look like—they’ll love you for it!


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