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What’s new at Broadcat: June 2023 edition

It’s been a year and a half since I joined Broadcat, and wow, what a ride it’s been! In the last 18 months, you’ve learned that my first brush with compliance was as a punishment for being late to work, Bad Bunny led me on an eye-opening privacy journey, and I’m nostalgic for 1980s football playback videos. 🏈

So in the spirit of nostalgia, I thought I’d see how I—and the rest of the phenomenal Broadcats—have stacked up against the topics discussed in my very first post.

Let’s get started!

Topic A: No more compliance as punishment. 

My first brush with compliance was as a punishment for being late to work. And it always felt like it was being used as a punishment throughout my career… until I met Broadcat. 

It’s no secret that Broadcat’s been doing great things. That’s why—in the last 18 months—we’ve continued to build on our excellent foundation, expanding it to include a framework under which we can:

🤝 Collaborate with outside experts in the profession (check out this and this), and

👋 Respond to current events quickly and thoughtfully (like this and this).

We also launched Broadcat Compliance Advisory to provide our customers with professional services for bespoke projects including Ethics Ambassador Program and Code of Conduct development. 

So, what does all this have to do with compliance as punishment? 

Well, it’s all about respecting everyone’s time and job function by providing folks what they need, when they need it. All our initiatives are about ensuring employees feel engaged, not pandered to (and certainly not punished). 

Compliance should not make you feel like this. | Source: NBC

Basically, we’re focusing on giving everyone—from entry-level employees to managers to compliance pros—even MORE tools they need to do their jobs well, not torture devices to make them feel bad if they make a mistake. 

Topic B: I used to pay lots of money for awful training. I want you to pay less money for FANTASTIC training. 

Another quick intro blog post recap: In my previous life, I was the guy who purchased the compliance training. And I bought the bad stuff for the myriad of reasons anyone buys the bad stuff (check-the-box, lawyers told me to, “how we’ve always done it,” etc.).

It was a total bummer. And I don’t want it to be like that for you. It’s complete 💩. 

That’s why we’ve continued to revolutionize ways to bring you effective—dare I say FANTASTIC—training without blowing your budget. Since our products have always been the heart and soul of Broadcat, we decided to dive right in to learn more about how compliance teams use them. We discovered that 70% of our customers use our products across three or more channels.


That’s some good mileage! | Source: MGM via Hulu

And we LOVE that! We’re not here to tell you that you should only use this ONE JOB AID for this ONE TRAINING. That’s ridiculous.

Inspired by your creativity, we thought we’d try to bring you more of what you want. So in the last year and a half, we ramped up our content development by over 50%, which means MORE great compliance training and communication tools for you to use however you like. 🥳 

First, we identified the need for compliance comms in the health care and data privacy spaces. Regulations in these fields are super specific so we wanted to make sure the compliance pros in those areas have just as much support. We added 40 new products on these topics to Design Club and launched our Content Collections, where we curated our most popular tools to create a turnkey system for anyone looking to boost compliant behavior in those areas. (Bonus: We love our Content Collections so much, we also created them for InfoSec and Anticorruption.)

We also debuted and expanded our library of mini-modules, 10 short, topic-based slide decks to give anyone the right level of compliance detail they need, and none of the junk they don’t. 

The bottom line: Compliance communications and training should be accessible, affordable and adaptable, regardless of what kind of regulations you’re dealing with. That’s why we’re here.

Topic C: The Future of Broadcat

In my first post, I ended with three areas where we wanted to focus our attention: 

  1. Remaining true to the foundations of Broadcat.
  2. Adding to our firepower of subject matter experts. 
  3. Working on some next-level stuff!

Well, team Broadcat, I’m happy to report that we’ve met our goals! I’ve spent most of this post covering the first item on that list, so let’s move on to the second: Adding to our firepower. In the last year and a half, we welcomed Brianna Rice, Jake Kaufman, Jennifer May, Joey Myers (for a while, we only hired “J” names), and Kitty Holt to the team. Here’s a little bit about them

  • Brianna is our Customer Success Manager and is a literal master of compliance, so when you’re thrilled with how your Compliance Design Club experience has turned out, it’s because of her. 💯
  • Jake is our Account Executive who helps Broadcat customers and clients get the most out of our amazing products and services. 🌟
  • As the Director of Broadcat Compliance Advisory and former Chief Compliance Officer, Jennifer is our bridge-builder: She makes sure Broadcat products align exactly with what our clients are looking for—from kickoff to delivery. 🌉
  • Joey is our Designer who embraces a “lazy” approach to work (more on that in a later post!), so making compliance as easy as possible really speaks to his soul. 🦥 
  • Kitty’s our Director of Operations with nearly two decades of compliance experience who’s an expert at herding Broadcats. 😸 

As for that next-level stuff, we’re not done yet! After launching Compliance Advisory and our Content Collections, we decided to get a little more… animated… about our offerings. We’ve steadily built up a library of microlearning videos and are stoked to launch a video subscription service coming in Q4!

Great for you, not great for the radio star. | Source: The Buggles

Thank you to everyone who’s made this a pretty awesome 18 months. You’re all a bunch of cool (Broad)cats