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What Compliance Reports to the Board of Directors [May 2022 Gift]

Parent A: “I thought you were picking up the kids!”

Parent B: “I thought YOU were picking up the kids!!”


Now, imagine that panic, but with you and your compliance team. And now, instead of picking up the kids, imagine that you forgot to tell your Board that your shiny new product line created a new risk to manage. Not awesome.

This is an awkward situation we can EASILY avoid by establishing clear communication and setting expectations with your Board by using…

Broadcat’s “What Compliance reports to the Board of Directors” deck!

This plug-and-play deck will help you set expectations with the Board so they know exactly what types of info they’ll get from you. It’s a great tool for your next quarterly meeting or for new member orientation so you all start off on the right foot. 

This is an image halfsie of the board of directors deck.

After a quick refresher on how Compliance manages risks for your org, this deck covers regular oversight reporting and updates on significant changes and incidents—all at a level of detail just right for your Board.

It wraps up with how to contact you with any unanswered questions so you can ensure members are fully informed and have appropriate oversight of the key risks they’re expected to manage. Yay for level-setting! 🎉

OK, so the Board gets a spiffy slide deck. What’s in it for me?  

Glad you asked! Here’s what you can deckspect (😬):

  • Less time practicing your psych-up speech in the mirror, which means periodic status checks that will run more smoothly. 🤩
  • No more looking like a confused amateur, which means fewer cases of Compliance reaching out to the Board for issues that could be resolved with Legal or within your own department. 😐
  • Freedom from internal conflict, which means less time spent agonizing over what should go to the Board. 😵‍💫

🌟 Bonus time! 🌟

Want to show your Board even more compliance love? Snag The 7 elements of a compliance program and the Legal and Compliance: Who does what? infographics, plus our Annual Board of Directors Program Overview template. Check out all our Board of Directors products in the Clubhouse! 

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Two ways to get it!

For free: Already a Compliance Design Club Member in May 2022? Go check your account, it’s already there! (And if you join before June 2022, we’ll send it to you directly FOR FREE!)


For 10 tokens: Is it after June 1st and you’re still not a Member? First, get on that! Get started here.

Second, all is not lost: you can still grab it for 10 tokens. Yup, you'll have a crystal-clear way to keep your board members happy and STILL have plenty of tokens to spare!