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Excerpt: Yes, you can spend $300,000 and still be checking a box.

Here's an excerpt from our book, "Why most compliance training fails... and how to fix it."

The solution to the problem of “can people remember our training” is not to add more quizzes or training games.

It is to sync up your training to your actual business problems so people don’t have to memorize stuff in the first place—because it’s made available when they need it.

And that, of course, requires more thought than just pumping out e-learning modules every quarter on a three-year cycle.

But when you deliver training that way, you are putting more emphasis on being able to say you did training—checking the box—than ensuring that it works, because the very way you are doing it is making it less likely to work.

Now, if you’re delivering a ton of training and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on e-learning and LMS licensing every year, the idea that this might be considered “check-the-box” can seem offensive.

But it’s true.

Because “check-the-box” doesn’t mean “minimum effort”—that’s just how vendors have been able to redefine it so that you keep buying more junk.

“Check-the-box” just means “doing something for the sake of doing it.”

And when an employee has to take a compliance training course about gifts and entertainment because it’s Year 2 of your 3-Year Training Plan and that’s when the gifts course pops up, even if that employee is months or years away from being high-risk for this…

How do you think they view that?

And how do you answer their question of “why do I need to do this right now? I’ll never be able to remember this.”

You end up saying “because this is when we do it,” which is absolutely a check-the-box approach—just an expensive one.



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