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Broadcat's top jams of 2019

The other day, everyone at the office was looking at our most-played songs for 2019, and ... something something compliance analogy.

giphyJust kidding. Not everything is a compliance analogy, you guys!

But this post seriously is about our most-listened to songs of 2019. Because yes, we're a brand. But we're also, like, people, and January is a loooooong month.

So here's a bonus post for January: our top plays for 2019!


Ricardo, Founder

broadcat-ricardoRicardo's most-listened song of 2019: Diggy Diggy Hole, by Wind Rose

Runner-up: The Man Who Made a Monster, Dance with the Dead

Second runner-up: Rockefeller Street, New Nitecore mix, Getter Jaani

Ed. note: For someone who wears a lot of death metal t-shirts, Ricardo's 2019 anthems turned out to be, uh ... not that. His #1 song is an Italian folk metal band covering a song about dwarves that was originally written by guys who run a podcast about the game Minecraft. He may not listen to that podcast or play that game, but man does he like songs about dwarves and dragons and stuff. 


Courtney, Director of Operations

broadcat-courtneyCourtney's most-listened song of 2019: Fat Bottomed Girls, Queen

Runner-up: Another One Bites the Dust, Queen (again)

Second runner-up: You're My Best Friend, (you guessed it) Queen

Ed. note: In full disclosure, Courtney listens to Pandora, which is old-school technology akin to something the old folks call "C.D.s"—it doesn't keep track of most-listened songs, so these are her best guesses. She likes Queen, I guess. TBH, we all do. A LOT.


Aimee, Director of External Engagements

Aimee's most-listened song of 2019: Kill V. Maim, Grimes (the video below is creepy, but mostly SFW)

Runner-up: Friend Zone, Thundercat

Second runner-up: EARFQUAKE, Tyler, The Creator

Ed. note: We honestly don't know what this says about Aimee. But we're a little concerned.


Jaycee, Implementation Lead

jaycee-web-smallJaycee's most-listened song of 2019: You Don't Own Me, Grace ft. G-Eazy

Runner-up: Glitter & Gold, Barns Courtney

Second runner-up: 454, I Am the Liquor

Ed. note: Like Courtney, Jaycee listens to Pandora and mp3s; this is her best guess for her top tracks in 2019. Either these or What Does the Fox Say.


Ryan, Brand Manager

ryan-rushing-headshot-web-squareRyan's most-listened song of 2019: fake smile, Ariana Grande

Runner-up: NASA, Ariana Grande

Second runner-up: bad idea, Ariana Grande

Ed. note: Ryan has a rich and varied musical palate. It's also quality (we're all Arianators). And this focus on quality is why she's in charge of our brand.


Rachel, Senior Designer

rachelRachel's most-listened song of 2019: Self, Noname

Runner-up: Melting, Kali Uchis

Second runner-up: Ridin Round, Kali Uchis

Ed. note: As you can see, Rachel's hella classy and has excellent taste in music.


Xinia, Senior Designer

broadcat-xiniaXinia's most-listened song of 2019: Baby Shark

Ed. note: Xinia's on maternity leave, so we picked a song for her. Baby Shark, obvs.


Kristen, Custom Jr. Graphic Designer

kristen-web-smallKristen's most-listened song of 2019: Marian (Version), Sisters of Mercy

Runner-up: Hard Times, Paramore

Second runner-up: Seven Nation Army- SKALD Vikings Chant (Alfar Fagrahvel Edition)

Ed. note: Kristen's #2 song for 2019 was also Rockefeller Street, New Nitecore mix, Getter Jaani. Solid hire, Ricardo!



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