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Be a part of the hottest compliance threads on LinkedIn.

You know that we sincerely 💜 our Broadcat community.

And regardless of whether you're a Compliance Design Club Member (which you totally should be, because Members get free + insanely useful stuff), we're all about uplifting the conversation around compliance. Just check out our newsletters and blog posts, all of which are available to everyone. 

GIF of Gary Oldman yelling, "EVERYONE!!!"EVERYONE!!!

But here's what's up: we're more than our blog and the Clubhouse. What really helps us provide exceptional products, services, and thoughtful articles is engaging with our professional colleagues. We rely a LOT on our LinkedIn community to have quality conversations about the priorities and expectations surrounding ethics and compliance.

So in case you're not active on LinkedIn, we don't want you to miss out on the amazing conversations we're having there. Which is why we're dedicating this blog post to Ricardo's recent LinkedIn greatest hits 🎶 🎶 (with liner notes!).

Ricardo LinkedIn profile pic (Ricardo smiling with two thumbs up)Ricardo's pretty stoked about this. 👍 👍

Let's dive in!


Track one 🎶: Defensibility.

Liner notes: Our most relevant comment on this one (according to the mysterious, wondrous, all-knowing LinkedIn algorithm) begins with "Curse you, Ricardo!" If you're in the need of a healthy dose of Real Housewives-style controversy (but with mature, professional resolutions), you've come to the right place.

GIF: Housewives yelling at Smudge the cat (meme)

Definitely NOT what's happening in our comments.


Track two 🎶: Hiring prosecutors.

Liner notes: All actions send a message, and all messages can be interpreted differently. Be sure your employees feel empowered when you make personnel decisions, because if they aren't, the prosecutor you hired could end up have LOTS more conversations with the government than intended.


Track three 🎶: Law vs. Compliance.

Liner notes: This was a controversial post, and you know what? We love it. Our community can disagree respectfully and professionally, all while maintaining humor and positivity. The one thing we can all agree on: Kyle's not getting invited back to any more parties. 🍷


Track four 🎶: Switching professions.

Liner notes: If you're hiring compliance officers, be intentional in your interviews. If you're considering making the switch to compliance, do your research. Just because they involve overlapping skillsets doesn't mean that lawyers and compliance officers are the same thing.

GIF: Muppet's Swedish Chef rubbing hands togetherGIF: The Simpsons' Luigi Risotto in his restaurant

 Same skills, different meatballs.


Track five 🎶: Box-checking.

Liner notes: See? We don't post Russian-novel-length content all the time! Sometimes they're quick and to-the-point. (But they still get some 🔥 comments thanks to our amazing Broadcat community!)


Track six 🎶: Employee hotlines.

Liner notes: If you think about it, all jobs have at least one thing in common: making someone else's job easier. As a compliance pro, it's your job to create a user-friendly hotline so that reporting is safe and easy and your teams are empowered. (And, hi, that's why we're here! 👋 We want to make your job easier!)



Got something to say? We hope you do! Whether it's an unpopular opinion, a hot take, or just popping by to say "hi," we'd love to get to know you! Link up with Ricardo and the larger Broadcat community right here.