Compliance Design Club is coming.

Launching October 1, 2019: A membership program for cutting-edge compliance champions and eagle-eyed ethics experts.

Want to find out more? Sign up for our pre-launch list—you'll get the info you need to make a decision on membership. Become a member before launch and you’ll get our Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs toolkit for free.

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For low annual dues, members will get:


40 tokens to redeem for a la carte purchases of Broadcat’s products and tools


A free gift each month, just for being a member, worth at least 8 tokens


Rights to keep what you buy forever—and have it customized, too!

What can your tokens buy?

Here’s a sampling.

Manager kits

Our famous manager kits come with an infographic job aid, leadership talking points, and a cover note.

Over 70 options
12 tokens per item


Posters and Screensavers

Ultra-graphic, ultra-awesome materials that will make you proud to tell co-workers that you’re on the compliance team.

Over 180 options
2 tokens per item



Want to make a graphic piece your own, but don’t have the time?

Use your tokens to have us apply your branding and make a round of your edits under our much-loved Customization Guide.

3 tokens per job aid, poster, or screensaver


Big Templates

Extensive templates and visual reference guides to help save you a seriously bonkers amount of time—and make your employees love you even more.

10 tokens per template


Power Tools

Here come the big guns: crazy powerful tools we’ve built to help you do your job better.

Everything we make is powerful—these ones are almost dangerous.

Tokens/customization varies


Want to find out more?

Want to find out more? Fill out this form and you'll get on our pre-launch list—it'll give you the info you need to make a decision on membership.

Become a member before launch and you’ll get our Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs toolkit for free.