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What’s included in the Everything Hotline (DIY) Bundle?

Simple Toolkits for Managers and Employees

Equip your managers to get out in front of your compliance culture—and give your employees resources they’ll actually use—with our flagship compliance toolkits.

Each toolkit is centered around one of our famous job aids: tools sophisticated enough that one was named a “behavioral compliance best practice” in an academic journal, while still simple enough to be loved by employees of all ages and levels, from millennials to directors.

Each toolkit contains a printable infographic, checklist, or flowchart that simplifies a compliance concept, or explains how it applies to a business process, in an easy-to-use reference format.

This bundle includes toolkits that address:

When employees should speak up

What happens after you contact the hotline

Cooperating with a hotline investigation as a witness

Hotline case closure checklist (for deputized investigators)

Non-retaliation guide for managers

Handling employee concerns as a manager—who to route it to

Understanding non-retaliation (employees)


Alarmingly Powerful Templates

Supercharge your efforts with Broadcat’s templates—tools that are designed to be so easy-to-use and so powerful that it’ll feel like you’re cheating at work. Our templates give you the direction you need so that you can stay laser-focused on the substantive challenges facing your team. With Broadcat’s templates, you’ll be so productive that it’s scary.

This bundle includes templates and tools on:

Hotline FAQs for your employees

Hotline correspondence templates to manage anonymous and named callers


Ridiculously Great Awareness Materials

Support your toolkits, online training, and other initiatives with our crazy vibrant awareness materials…the type of eye-catching, super-saturated, fun visuals that probably brought you to this website in the first place. Use them online and off to show that your initiatives aren’t a one-time, check-the-box activity—they’re part of a serious, sustained effort to hold the line on ethics and compliance at your organization.

This bundle includes your choice of four screensavers/video screen messages and four posters to reinforce your speak-up messages, all ready for your in-house customization.

Choose from:


Hotline Screensavers


Hotline Posters

De-mystify how the hotline works for your employees


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