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Free Resources to Help Fight the Spread of COVID-19

Massive change is needed to slow the spread of COVID-19—and that requires folks to understand what to do and also actually do it. How does that happen? Communicate simply about the right behaviors. 

Broadcat and Human Risk have created a ton of free downloadable resources—from phone backgrounds to email signatures and checklists—that do exactly that.

Coronavirus can live on your phone for days.

Download these free phone backgrounds to remind yourself to keep it clean!

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The President's Coronavirus Guidelines

Do your part to slow the spread of COVID-19 and keep our community healthy with a super simple decision tree—based on White House guidelines. Available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese!

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Coronavirus Daily Checklists

Do you know what the CDC and the White House recommend for healthy folks to do every day to stay safe? Download our organized daily checklist here!

You can even print and cut them out so you can post them where they’ll be used!

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Good Hygiene Reminders

We know changing routines and behaviors isn’t a small feat, so we've created resources based on CDC guidance to help out!

Get the reminders for your phone ...

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... and email signatures to match!

Keeping your employees healthy and safe is a top priority. Use these to snazz up your email signature and reinforce the importance of washing hands, limiting physical interactions, and staying home when sick.

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And You Know ... Reminders to Just. Stay. Home.

Ahh, home sweet home. Now serving a gazillion-and-two purposes like being an office, a school, a doggy daycare, a cafeteria, an arts-and-crafts studio, and of course your safe haven.

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Remind Yourself to Take Care of ... Yourself

With new routines and lots of change, looking after yourself is easier said than done.

But it's critical to get sleep, eat well, be active, have fun, and switch off the noise. With good mental and physical health, immune systems are in a better position to fight off COVID-19.




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And Finally, Remember to Stay Away from Misinformation

The more we're isolated from real-life interactions, the more we're susceptible to misinformation through digital channels. So whether it's misleading health advice or a biased perception about what's actually happening, these wallpapers are designed to remind you to do one thing: get the facts.

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This project is a collaboration between corporate compliance design company Broadcat LLC, behavioral science consultancy Human Risk Ltd, and … you.


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