Antiviral Campaign

The coronavirus can live on your phone for days.

Use your phone's lock screen to remind yourself to keep it clean. Download these free wallpapers—or make your own!

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Your phone is super gross.

The new coronavirus can live on surfaces for days.

And guess what? Your phone is a surface—one that you touch ninety-six times a day. Keep it clean so it doesn't undo all that hand-washing you've got going on.

(Not sure how to disinfect your phone without damaging it? Check out this article for help.)

Your phone is covered in stuff you can't see.

Help yourself remember.

Real talk? You're probably going to read this, think "yeah I should do that," and then forget ... just like the last time you read about how your phone is ultra-nasty. That's how we were, too.

But now things are different—it's not just our personal health at stake.

Putting a reminder on your lock screen helps you remember to keep it clean at the moment when it's most relevant: right before you use it.

Cleaning your phone

Help everyone change their behavior.

We all need help to change our behavior, especially if we're young and healthy. That's where simple messages about the right behaviors come into play—and where you can help.


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Creating and sharing your own designs helps show this is a team effort—and lets others use their favorite design!

This project is a collaboration between corporate compliance design company Broadcat LLC, behavioral science consultancy Human Risk Ltd, and … you.


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