Communicate compliance without all the words

A visual language of icons, made just for compliance and ethics.

Starting at a one-time fee of just $1,499.

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An example of the types of icons in Speak Broadcat.

Speak Broadcat is a visual language of drag-and-drop, standardized icons, made just for compliance and ethics professionals.

They unify your program, syncing your guidance so employees can get consistent direction at-a-glance. And because they come complete with standardized meanings, they get even easier for employees to understand over time.

Permanent licenses start at just $1,499—and you can buy online.

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"That is some powerful stuff, right there."
- Compliance Week

Speak Broadcat is by compliance design startup Broadcat. We work with folks in the Fortune 1000—and now we’re bringing our work to everyone.

We've been mentioned by Compliance and Ethics Professional, The Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, Compliance Week, and Compliance Insider.

Speak Broadcat transforms how you communicate compliance to your employees.


Communicate Simply

You know that it’s better to show than tell, and Speak Broadcat lets you do exactly that. Our icons have instructions on what they mean—and what they don’t mean—so you can convert abstract concepts into simple, memorable visuals.


Communicate Quickly

You love your employees. And you want to be out there in the field protecting them, not sitting behind a desk clicking through thousands of stock photos of a guy in a suit.

Speak Broadcat lets you quickly locate the visual you need, organized by both concept and name, and then drag-and-drop it right into your policy, procedure, training, or communication.


Communicate Consistently

You want to make sure your employees know exactly what to do—but it's impossible for them to focus on the "what to do" if they're bogged down by inconsistent, confusing guidance.

Speak Broadcat lets you unify your policies, procedures, Code, training, and communications with simple, meaningful symbols that help employees focus on what your guidance says—not how to read it.

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Here’s how you can use Speak Broadcat to create consistency in your program:


Make your Code of Conduct and policies easy to scan for information.


Create live training slides that simplify your guidance—instead of just repeating it.


Craft approval and disclosure forms that de-mystify reporting.


Write emails for software workflows that people might actually read.


Add meaningful visuals to your newsletters and blog posts to reinforce your messaging.


Develop online learning modules that sync with the rest of your program.

Here's what you'll get:


97 drag 'n drop icons

Covering everything from “Adult/Inappropriate” (for travel and expense no-no’s) to “Yes/No” (for…everything), we built out the first visual language for compliance and ethics—and you can drag-and-drop them right into your work.


Clearly defined

You can get “icons” anywhere. But to use them the right way, you’d have to decide which icons meant what, make sure the concepts didn't overlap, and confirm that the icons were visually distinct—which is where the compliance and ethics expertise comes in.

We’ve already done that for you by defining how to use each icon—including when not to use them.


Based on what’s actually useful

These icons came out of analyzing the content we’ve been creating for our Library customers (and our standard license for our Library is $35,000 a year). We went through hundreds of pieces to determine which concepts we really needed to get the job done—and you’re getting the benefit of that.


With visuals that work together

We worked from a consistent color palette, so you can use any two icons together and they’ll work. And we established design conventions—think “rules for how things look”—to make sure your employees will be able to recognize your guidance at a glance.


And modular concepts that combine

Our icons capture simple concepts that you can combine to create guidance—the same way you use words to create a sentence. And that modularity even carries through to individual icons, with more complex, abstract icons created from simpler ones.

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Questions? We've got answers.

Can we change the colors?
Yes. The Adobe InDesign file will let you have full control over the icons themselves

Can we change the shapes?
Yes. But we recommend you don’t. Remember, these all tie together and build on one another—so making a change to one will have a ripple effect on everything else.

Will these work with my learning management system? Live training? Mac? Old PC from 2008?
Yes. A thousand times, yes. The PowerPoint version has the icons embedded as PNG files for simplicity; if you need any other format, you can export them from the InDesign version to whatever you please. We’ve made these as modular as possible. (And if you manage to technologically defeat us, we’ll give you a refund.)

And super-simple license terms.

Our licenses are permanent, world-wide, and irrevocable. Which means you pay once and use them forever. And we give you broad rights as to what that means, too.

You can

  • Install them on as many computers as you want

  • Make copies for your internal use

  • Use them for any compliance and ethics purpose

  • Use them to train third parties and contractors

  • Sub-license them to contractors and vendors working for you*

You can’t

  • Sub-license or transfer the license to someone else**

  • Use the icons in a product or service for sale***

  • Sell, lease, or otherwise try to make money off of the icons themselves

*For example, you can have another vendor use them in creating a training module for you, or for working on your Code of Conduct. They can’t use them for any other purpose other than your work, though, and they’ll need to destroy them when they’re done.

**Except for the vendor-creating-stuff-for-you reason.

***Contact us if you want to do this—like if you’re in the consulting/advisory space. That’s a separate license.

And amazing pricing.



Covers up to 5,000 employees



Covers 5,001 to 50,000 employees

For extra-large companies or commercial use in consulting/legal counsel, contact us.

US Government or non-profit? Contact us for a 20% discount code.

Buy Speak Broadcat now

Compliance Week called Speak Broadcat “powerful stuff”—and it is. And yet, we’re offering permanent licenses starting at just $1,499.

That’s because this tool becomes even more useful the more people use it. And that’s why we’re offering it for a one-time purchase at prices that work for you whether you’ve got 100 or 100,000 employees—because we want your employees to join the over 2,000,000 people worldwide who already have access.