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Broadcat, with a collection of checklists, guides and other simple compliance training.

What's inside the Library?

Simple compliance materials that help you and your employees

Toolkit: DOJ's Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs

We’ve taken the Department of Justice’s “Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs” and turned it into a toolkit that you can, you know, actually use.

You get a roadmap that translates the DOJ’s guidance into operational categories, a workbook that turns it into a turnkey report, and a set of board slides to keep your leadership in the loop with what you’re doing. And to make your life even easier, we’ve also called out where our other Library resources can help you tackle a problem too.

Showing the Broadcat Workbook of the DOJ's Evaluation of Corporate Compliance Programs
Task-based checklists and flowcharts, from Broadcat.

Checklists & Flowcharts

Your employees don’t want you to make them into mini-compliance officers. They just want to know how to do their jobs compliantly and ethically—and that’s all the government asks you to do, too. So meet your employees on their terms: give them flexible, job-oriented training that they can review when they need to do something risky.

Our checklists and flowcharts address common, high-risk tasks, can be quickly customized to match your exact policies and procedures, and are presented in a lightweight, printable format that lets your employees review them when they need to make a judgment call.

How-To Guides

Your time is best spent engaging with your employees and leaders—not sitting behind a desk doing paperwork. Our How-To Guides help you do exactly that.

We give you step-by-step action plans that come with built-in email templates, slides, and charts, simplifying tough tasks like reporting to your board, engaging with your hotline callers, and measuring policy readability.

Some simple how-to guides for compliance, created by Broadcat.
Training modules that work, thanks to Broadcat.

Training Modules

We own short-form compliance training—but sometimes you need a little more for certain topics. When that’s the case, we’ve got just the thing.

Our training modules give employees digestible, easy-to-read content that they can go through at their own pace. No goofy tricks, painful quizzes, or cheesy videos here: just what they need to know so they can do their job.


What’s the point of having a great compliance program if no one knows about it?

Our awareness posters and screensavers let you build campaigns that break the pattern of normal corporate communication. Customize them yourself, print from your local printers, and change them on the regular for an easy, low-friction way to ensure your compliance culture is top-of-mind.

A display of screensavers and posters for compliance awareness, from Broadcat.
A nice .GIF of the Broadcat business case, in action.

A business case that just makes sense.

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Customize it to your company and find out when Broadcat will start saving you money to the nearest day.

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