Broadcat helps you reduce risk.

We’re committed to helping our clients reduce risk in measurable ways. It's important to get engagement and understanding—but your real goal is transformed behavior that reduces your company’s risk, and that's what we do.


Here's how we help you do it.

Step One: break down compliance risks into behaviors that matter

It's not enough to tell employees about risks—you need them to do their jobs the right way. And that means breaking down an abstract concept like "anti-corruption" into the behaviors that create or prevent the risk.

Our team of former in-house compliance professionals will help you break down your company’s risk assessment into the behaviors that matter—things like reviewing financial documents, approving contracts, and making new hires—and make a plan of attack for prioritizing and addressing them.


Step Two: get ultra-specific, customized training content

Get targeted training built on the industry’s first (and only) visual language of defined icons—so that everything is modular, has the same look and feel, and is used consistently.

We’ll help you identify the right pieces, customize them to your processes and risks, and even brand them to match your company’s guidelines. And if your budget’s tight, no worries: we give you the ability to do all of this yourself, too.


Step Three: integrate and deliver it real-time

You’ve got the guidance you need to tackle a real problem: don’t gamble on your employees’ ability to remember it! We’ll help you integrate it into your business processes so they get the opportunity to see it every time they need it.

And no: you don’t need special software for this. We’ll help you do this end-to-end, from project planning and stakeholder management to brainstorming all of your technical options—including how to track what people do.


Step Four: show that it works

It’s not enough to show that people took training: you need to show that it matters. We’ll work with you to define monitoring metrics that will show that your training made a difference in what people do—not just what they know.

Sound ambitious? Don’t worry: you’ll have help every step of the way, from thinking through what you can capture to doing the math on measuring return on investment. And it’ll all be customized to what you can do at your company.


Step Five: transform your program

We get it: not everyone is starting from scratch. And changing from a clunky, bolt-on program to a lean, integrated one isn’t an overnight process. We know that, and we’re ready to help you make a smooth transition.

We’ve got core “traditional” content like Code of Conduct, conflicts of interest, and gifts and entertainment training ready-to-go. It syncs with the rest of our content, too—so employees get to see a consistent look and feel while you transform your program.


Get started today

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to transform an existing program, we’re ready to help. We work with everyone from the Fortune 10 to lone-ranger compliance officers who are just getting started, and we’ll customize something just for you.